We strive to Create Awareness. Fund Campaigns. Signup Donors. Help Humanity.

Jaskomals' wishes were for people to understand more about stem transplants and how it is a cure for blood cancers. The Jaskomal Foundation is about bringing awareness and education in regards to stem cell transplants and to increase the donor register list. We want to ‘Give Hope A Future’!.

Who We Are

Thanks to the advances in medical treatment those unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with a blood cancer can now be offered a new chance at life through a stem cell transplant. This has the potential to give individuals the feeling of being reborn and to save lives! The stem cell register lacks Ethnic Minorities and so there needs to be more awareness around stem cell transplants. To get on to the register it is a simple process of either a spit test/swab test. You have to be aged between 16-55 years old. Once on the register and if you are lucky enough to match someone who needs a transplant you could potentially save someones life.

Jaskomal Sher-gill was a young girl of age 23. She passed away on January 11th 2013 due to the affects of Lymphoma cancer. The Foundation was then launched in March that year to fulfill the legacy of Jaskomal.

Our History