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    We are proud to announce the 3rd JKF Annual Dinner & Dance Fundraiser. This year it is special as the event falls on Jaskomal’s birthday. The Fundraiser will be held on...
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    On a mission to increase the pool of lifesaving blood stem cell donors, as they believe that not one single person suffering with a blood cancer should die.    Read MoreVolunteer
Story About Us

Who are we?

Jaskomals wishes were for people to understand more about stem transplants and how it is a cure for blood cancers. The Jaskomal Foundation is about bringing awareness and education in regards to stem cell transplants and to increase the donor register list.


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Urgent Cause

Looking for Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to do seva with the Jaskomal Foundation for this event. You can assist in the registering, promoting or helping out at the event. We will be working alongside our partners, Delete Blood Cancer. Whatever you...
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Need your help

Help Us Create Awareness

You help in many ways to raise awareness of Cancer and its treatment through stems cells and other methods. You can help at and financially support our fundraising efforts as well as participate at awareness camps and more…

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